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Celebrating 150 Years


Collecting / Preserving 
This Moment


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One Hundred and Fifty Years ago Orange VA was little more than a meeting point of two crossroads, a few homes around a county seat court house. Imagine being able to hold the items important to its few inhabitants. A Letter, a Photo, a Story...your history, your story.


Help us tell the story of Orange VA to next generation.  What do you want shared with the future?

In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the the Town of Orange, we are sealing a Time Capsule for the next 150 years to be opened on the 300th Anniversary of the Town of Orange in 2172. 


The Capsule will be sealed on June 11th and will incorporated into the base of the US Constitution Installation at the Jame Madison Museum.


We would like you and your memories to be a part of that. Please complete the form below and submit your ideas for inclusion

into the time capsule. A selection committee will select idea submissions and we will coordinate collection of ideas.



1872 - 2022

2022 - 2172

Main St ca1915.jpg

Main Street 1914


For More Information or to Volunteer Your Help or Support Please Email

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